Review – Soap and Glory Trick and Treatment

When it comes to my beauty regime, under-eye bags are the bane of my existence. Everything else is fine – if I have a spot? My trusty Witch stick and some concealer. Skin looking a little dull? Foundation cream and powder. Need a little colour? Contrasting dark lipstick and bright eyeshadow. But when it comes to under-eye bags, I am completely stumped. I’ve tried everything the how-to blogs have said – moisturising creams, drinking more water, sleeping with more pillows, wet teabags – none of these have worked for me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I must admit, I’m not the best sleeper, which surely can’t help the situation. But even when I do sleep, I look as though I’ve been burning the midnight oil, to put it nicely. So I decided to try under-eye concealers for my extra baggage.

Before I continue, let me be clear: I am by no means a make-up expert, and every product is different to the individual. These are just my personal thoughts.

A few days ago on my way home, I went into Boots, initially to restock on foundation and liquid eyeliner. Of course, I can never walk passed the Soap and Glory stand – with their punny names and 50s pinup-style packaging, they immediately draw me in. I noticed their concealer – Trick and Treatment – and figured I’d give it a go, considering up to this point I’d had only fair results from other concealers in the past.


The packaging for Soap and Glory’s Trick and Treatment concealer. How can a girl as in love with retro and pin-up styles as I am honestly be expected to ignore this brand?

I was almost put off by the price – £9 when you’re a student is a lot of money – but I figured I’d treat myself just this once.

As far I could see, this is the only shade in their concealer range, so I’m not sure how it would work for darker skin tones. As I’m pretty (read: super) pale, this colour is fine for me.


I have what is known as combination skin, basically your skin doesn’t know whether to be oily or dry and it decides to try both at the same time. Not pleasant. As a result, I find more solid concealers (such as Witch’s blemish stick) quite difficult to work with, as they are harder to rub in and cause red and dry patches on my face.

This concealer is liquid, and is very similar to a lip gloss, with the long wand and sponge on the end. It has a very faint generic cream smell (and really you’ll only smell it if you’re like me and stick every beauty product close to up your nose), and is easily applied to the skin – it doesn’t clump up or pull at the skin. I used a tear drop-shaped blender sponge to gently dab the cream along my under-eye bags and the blue areas in the corners of my eyes.

At first glance, I’ll be honest, I was unimpressed. Nothing looked any different, except that now my skin had a very faint sheen to it. I continued on with my usual routine of foundation and foundation powder, then tried dabbing a little more on, blending it in and setting it with foundation powder.


Before and after applying make-up. There’s a small difference, but that could well be from the foundation and powder.

I really wish I could give this product a glowing review, as I honestly love Soap and Glory’s range. However, I have never had much luck with concealers and at this point only a miracle will get rid of my under-eye bags. So this product may not be for me, but it still may well work for a lot of others. For now, I’ll stick with Miss Sporty’s liquid concealer (it may not work much better, but at £2, it’s much more economically viable).


The opinions in this blog post are strictly my own. I have not been endorsed by any brands or companies.