Chronic Illness: Just What is Wrong with Me?

It started with a cold.

It was August of last year, and on cue, I came down with a Summer cold. Up to this point, I was prone to two colds a year, one in the Winter and one in the Summer, so this was no big deal. If anything, this cold was a lot easier on me than any I’ve had in the past – stuffy nose, bit of a fever, but the usual cough was absent. A little bed rest and plenty of water and paracetamol and I was more or less well again within a week.

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My Mental Health: Eating Disorders

When I first started thinking about creating a blog, I wasn’t sure as to what theme I would have. I then thought that while this blog is personal to me and supposed to be something to be enjoyed (and hey, if it leads somewhere bigger, that’s a bonus), it’s also out there on the internet for anyone to read. So in this regard, I thought it would be a good platform to write about my own experiences. It’s a good exercise for myself, and if there’s a possibility that reading my blog could help someone else, then all the better.

(This post will be discussing my experiences with eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, and BDD. If you are in any way triggered by this, please stop reading here.)

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