How Do You Like Them Bad Apples? Lindy Bop Jasmina ‘Bad Apples’ Dress Review

As anyone who knows me or follows me on Instagram, I’m a huge fan of vintage fashion, particularly the 1940s and 1950s. Unfortunately I cannot currently afford true vintage, but the world of vintage reproduction fashion is booming and has some beautiful styles to offer, Lindy Bop being one of them. Based in the UK, Lindy Bop is a fantastic starter place for those beginning their journey into the vintage lifestyle (or at least, the vintage wardrobe), as they provide a wide variety of dresses, skirts and knitwear, at a very reasonable price, when compared to the likes of Collectif and Pinup Girl Clothing (which few starting out can afford immediately).

Last October, Lindy Bop released a wonderful range of Hallowe’en-themed dresses and skirts. As I was preparing for the Star Trek 50th anniversary convention in Birmingham at the time, I was more focused on buying fabrics than I was dresses, and so I missed out on having a Hallowe’en-themed dress around the mid-term holidays. But I thought to myself, “Am I really going to let that stop me?” Of course not! Hallowe’en is my favourite holiday of the year, and why would I not want to make that abundantly clear throughout the other spook-less eleven months of the year? The January sale helped spur me on even further, and a few days later, I now have the beautiful Jasmina ‘Bad Apples’ dress adorning my wardrobe.


The Jasmina dress is more in the style of a 1940s tea dress as opposed to the more typical 1950s swing dress that Lindy Bop would have in stock, as you can see. The pattern is absolutely gorgeous and perfectly Hallowe’en appropriate, with a not so subtle Snow White vibe.

The fabric is a very stretchy jersey material, and as I am usually between UK sizes 8-10 in vintage clothing, I was able to size down to a size 8 with little worry about fit. I don’t wear shapewear or a corset, and you can see that the dress drapes just nicely, and isn’t tight at all. I tend to have a little difficulty with vintage wear, as I am not as well-endowed in the bust or hip area as a lot of the lovely ladies of the pin-up scene, and I find that a lot of labels will cater more to the hourglass style than my type of figure.


The Jasmina dress has a lovely waist panelling detail, which nicely accentuates the bust and hips, while giving the appearance of a smaller waist. The collar is a simple and modest V-neck, which covers the bust nicely.


I would highly recommend the Jasmina dress to anyone looking for a fun print in a vintage style for their wardrobe, and especially at the moment as it is currently on sale!

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I am not endorsed by Lindy Bop, and all opinions are my own.


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